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Howard Arkley

Questions and Activities

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Drawing, Line and Design

Experiment with mark making, using a felt tip pen and the elements and principles of design. Include line, shape, colour and pattern.

If you were selected to paint a tram today, how might you design it? Mock up to scale an image you think would be successful.

Design your own chair using your favourite artwork as an inspiration.

If you were to get a tattoo, what would your design look like?

Try your hand at a giant doodle. As Arkley did when he worked on Primitive, start in the top left hand corner, and try to fill the whole page without stopping. You could try this with felt tip pen, and colour in with pattern and texture.

Draw a room based on the interior of your house, and decorate it with line, colour and shape using a diversity of patterns. You may find inspiration in home decoration magazines.

Draw the outline of a pot plant or portrait, and divide it into shapes. Fill in this drawing with decorative patterns.


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