National Gallery of Victoria Art Deco: 1910 - 1939
Deco Detective

The Strand Palace Hotel featured one of the most celebrated interiors in London.

In the 1960s Art Deco had fallen from favour and many examples were destroyed. The Strand Palace was demolished in 1969. Luckily, the Victoria and Albert Museum learned of this just in time and managed to save some features from destruction.

A recreation of the foyer is included in the exhibition.

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Installation Process

Recreating the foyer required work by many people with very different skills.

This time-lapse video clip compresses approximately 14 days of activity down to twenty seconds. It gives us a glimpse of the work of the curators, handlers, carpenters and conservators as they prepare for and construct this exhibit.


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Further Activities

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Read the story of the discovery of this object and how it was prepared for public display.

Oliver BERNARD (designer)
England 1881–1939
Foyer from the Strand Palace Hotel 1930–31
glass, chrome
370.8 x 447.5 x 444.7 cm (overall)
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Accessioned, 1969 (Circ.758-1969)

Time Lapse footage of the installation of the foyer taken by NGV Multimedia:
Adam Milburn - Matthew Lim - Jonathan Hopkins - Jean-Philippe Larue
Video production by Jean-Pierre Chabrol, National Gallery of Victoria

"Further activities" provided with the generous permission of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London