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Header: Australian Impressionism

Questions and Activities


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Early Years

Explore – when you visit the exhibition


Find paintings about different places e.g. the city, beach, farming, bush, interiors etc.

Describe what you see in each image, including what activities are taking place there.

Find a painting about a place you would like to visit.

What do you see in the painting that makes this place look like an interesting place to visit?

Find some paintings about the same place by different artists.

What do the paintings have in common?

How are they different?

Seasons, weather and time


Find paintings about each of the seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Describe what clues you found in each painting about the season, including details of the weather.

What time of the day do you think it is in each painting (morning, midday, afternoon or night)? Give reasons for your answer.

Describe how the artist uses paint, colour and tone to create an impression of the season, weather and time.


Find paintings about people who are: working, resting, on a journey or having an adventure.

Describe in detail what the people in each painting are doing, and where.

Find a portrait of a person that you think would be interesting to meet.

Describe this person (e.g. age, appearance, personality).

What is it about the way the artist has painted this person that makes him/her look interesting to you?



Find a painting that tells a story.

What is the story (characters, place, time)?

What are the clues in the painting that help you work out the details of this story?


Find a painting in which the artist has represented the subject using obvious brushstrokes and bold or broad areas of colour and tone.

What visual effect does this create in the painting?

Find a painting in which the artist has represented the subject using smooth brushstrokes and carefully blended areas of colour and tone inside clear outlines.

What visual effect does this create in the painting?

The 9 by 5 Impression Exhibition


Find the 9 by 5 Impression Exhibition paintings.

What do these paintings have in common?

Why might the artists have chosen to make their paintings a similar size, and present them in similar frames?

How do these paintings compare to other paintings in the exhibition?

Australian themes


Identify two paintings in the exhibition that you feel are very ‘Australian’?

What aspects of these paintings seem Australian to you?

Do other people in your class share the same opinion? Suggest reasons for people’s different responses.

Originals and reproductions

Find a painting that you have seen in a reproduction before you visited the exhibition.

What do you see when you view the original that you do not see in a reproduction?

A favourite painting

Identify your favourite painting in the exhibition?

Explain why this painting is your favourite.