William Blake, frontispiece
to Blair's Grave, 1808
(NGV. 44a)
  Tyger of Wrath:
William Blake in the National Gallery of Victoria

Welcome to the comprehensive website of 176 works by William Blake online, which accompanied the exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria shown in 1999. The exhibition was displayed in the Robert Raynor Gallery, a space devoted to exhibitions of works on paper. These works represent the complete Blake collection at the National Gallery of Victoria.

The documentation accompanying the works of art was prepared by Irena Zdanowicz, Senior Curator of Prints and Drawings. It comprises the information included in the labels and didactic panels and is based on the text of the book by Martin Butlin and Ted Gott, William Blake in the Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1989, abbreviated in the labels as: (NGV [cat no.]).

Acquisitions made since the publication of the 1989 catalogue appear without a NGV catalogue number.

A detailed discussion of the works in the collection, and references to essential literature, may be found in the above-mentioned publication. Two other sources of information are also acknowledged:
Robert N. Essick, William Blake's Commercial Book Illustrations, Oxford, 1991.
Joseph Viscomi, Blake and the Idea of the Book, Princeton, 1993.

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