26 June 1906 Summer Hill, Sydney, New South Wales
31 December 1992 Sydney, New South Wales

 (48 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Genesis II Genesis II 1978 Frank HINDER lithograph 1999.216
Icarus Icarus 1978 Frank HINDER lithograph and collage 1999.217
Christ is with us (2nd version) Christ is with us (2nd version) 1947 Frank HINDER lithograph 1999.203
Wynyard Station Wynyard Station 1949 Frank HINDER lithograph P80-1978
White figure White figure 1945 Frank HINDER lithograph 2005.35
Hangar Hangar 1954 Frank HINDER watercolour 3125-4
Presto Presto 1979 Frank HINDER lithograph and metallic paint 1999.227
Study - texture Study - texture 1946 Frank HINDER lithograph 1999.201
Counterpoise Counterpoise 1978 Frank HINDER lithograph 1999.214
Untitled (abstract composition) Untitled (abstract composition) 1978 Frank HINDER colour lithograph 1999.222
Matrix Matrix 1977 Frank HINDER lithograph and watercolour 1999.210
Banksia Banksia 1938 Frank HINDER gouache on paper 2013.557
Study for Four-in-one-bird (Moving) Study for Four-in-one-bird (Moving) "D" 1937 Frank HINDER gouache over pencil A16-1981
Counterpoint Counterpoint 1961 Frank HINDER lithograph 1999.206
Strange annunciation Strange annunciation 1945 Frank HINDER lithograph 1999.199
Oop's Oop's 1979 Frank HINDER lithograph and gouache 1999.226
Planar II Planar II 1978 Frank HINDER colour lithograph 1999.220
Study for Four-in-one-bird (Moving) II Study for Four-in-one-bird (Moving) II 1933 Frank HINDER pencil P99-1981
(Study for Enid at mealtime) (Study for Enid at mealtime) 1935 Frank HINDER pencil 1996.176
Study for Four-in-one-bird (Moving) III Study for Four-in-one-bird (Moving) III 1933 Frank HINDER pencil and coloured pencils on paper P100-1981