Constanze ZIKOS

1962 Dilifon, Kozanis, Greece

 (4 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Fake flag Fake flag (1994) Constanze ZIKOS thermo-setting laminate, enamel paint, crayon, metallic and plastic self-adhesive tape on composition board 1999.29.a-h
Pin ups 4 Pin ups 4 1997-1998 Constanze ZIKOS gouache on 9 sheets, presented framed as a frieze 1998.293.a-i
Dorian fake II Dorian fake II 1993 Constanze ZIKOS enamel and wax crayon on thermosetting laminate (nine panels) DC28.a-i-1996
Robe St Robe St 2009 Constanze ZIKOS wood veneer and metal on plywood 2009.574.a-e