(1401 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Jar Jar UNKNOWN Squat jar in deep pink clay with rounded base rising to half body height, upper body forming a broad convex shoulder below upright narrow mouth with everted rim. 3441F-D3
Wdjat eye Wdjat eye 715 BC-30 BC EGYPT 38J-D1A
Jar Jar 3200 BC-2686 BC EGYPT Nile silt clay 751-D2
Seal Seal 945 BC-656 BC EGYPT green glaze faience 3352B-D3
Fragments of bowl (Terra sigillata Samian ware) Fragments of bowl (Terra sigillata Samian ware) 150 AD-195 AD GAUL earthenware D303-1994
Bell krater (Campanian red-figure ware) Bell krater (Campanian red-figure ware) 350 BC-325 BC ITALY, Campania; The Libation Painter (attributed to) earthenware D14-1973
VESSEL VESSEL Vessel of indeterminate use, excavated at Lanarka/White painted V ware 72E-D1A
Lamp Lamp 0300 UNKNOWN D331-1994
Rattle (?) Rattle (?) UNKNOWN (maker); UNKNOWN Globular object; around the outside adouble row of small projections, holes pierced between tham and also on upper and lower convex surfaces. Pinkish buff clay. 1996.9
Jar Jar c. 0600 BC UNKNOWN Large earthenware jar of pale fabric with bulbous lower body & nearly flattened base. The body extended above 3 grooves with a concave profile section tapering towards an emphatic rolled rim set above mouldings & flattened at the upper edge. 3120-D3
Bowl Bowl 2nd century BC-1st century BC EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN glass D13-1971
Kernos (Italian-Daunian ware) Kernos (Italian-Daunian ware) 4th century BC-3rd century BC ITALY earthenware 80Y-D1A
Miniature lekythos Miniature lekythos 0005 BC-0004 BC UNKNOWN D324-1994
Ushabti figure Ushabti figure 664 BC-30 BC EGYPT faience D251-1994
Askos (Italic-Daunian ware) Askos (Italic-Daunian ware) 5th century BC-4th century BC ITALY, Apulia earthenware 81H-D1A
Phiale (South Italian Calenian ware) Phiale (South Italian Calenian ware) 3rd century BC ITALY, Calvi earthenware 271-D5
Lid from a canopic jar Lid from a canopic jar Late Period, Dynasty XXVI 664 BC-525 BC EGYPT limestone, pigment 17C-D1A
Fragment of an amulet of the god Sobek Fragment of an amulet of the god Sobek 664 BC-30 BC EGYPT faience D186-1994
Jar Jar UNKNOWN The small-necked jar in a dark grey body is of depressed globular shape with sharpest convature at the centre of the body. It has a round base. 3441B-D3
Plaque Plaque 945 BC-343 BC EGYPT faience 3352A-D3