(1401 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Loose beads Loose beads EGYPT carnelian, haematite, faience, amethyst D223-1994
Adze/axe Adze/axe UNKNOWN Axe with blade tapering towards a cylindrical heft with slope at lower opening. 3440D-D3
Lamp Lamp 4th century AD-7th century AD SYRIA / PALESTINE fired clay 3518A-D3
Fragment of a fish-shaped cosmetic palette Fragment of a fish-shaped cosmetic palette 4000 BC-3200 BC EGYPT greywacke 713-D2
BOWL - CYATHUS BOWL - CYATHUS Two handled 2385-D3
Dish Dish IRAQ, Ur fired clay 3445A-D3
Lekythos (Corinthian black-figure ware) Lekythos (Corinthian black-figure ware) mid 5th century BC GREECE, Corinth earthenware 80Z-D1A
Lamp Lamp c. 0200 AD Circular, Roman, from Baalbek 108R-D5
Libation table Libation table Ptolemaic Period 332 BC-30 BC EGYPT sandstone 792-D2
Bowl (chocolate-on-white ware) Bowl (chocolate-on-white ware) 1575 BC-1425 BC JORDAN, Pella fired clay 1996.486
JUG JUG Spherical round-based body, covered in red slip, high handle, side spout, neck flared rim, zig-zag design D129-1969
GEM GEM 4, flat carved stones, c.BC550-530 3131C-D3
Bes amulet Bes amulet 332 BC-100 AD EGYPT faience D104-1982
Bottle flask Bottle flask late 3rd century AD-4th century AD SYRIA glass D30-1971
Animal figurine (ox) Animal figurine (ox) UNKNOWN Hand modelled figurine of an ox with clearly modelled horns & ears, bulbous eyes, ridged muzzle with dot pattern on short, defined mouth & dewlap. Characteristic high rump. 1996.64
Bolsal (Greek black-glaze ware) Bolsal (Greek black-glaze ware) 5th century BC-4th century BC GREECE / SOUTH ITALY earthenware D320-1994
Barrel jug (white painted II ware) Barrel jug (white painted II ware) 950 BC-750 BC CYPRUS fired clay D145-1969
Inscribed fragment, from Boundary Stela R Inscribed fragment, from Boundary Stela R New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII, reign of Akhenaten 1352 BC-1336 BC EGYPT, el-Amarna limestone 619-D2
Wdjat eye Wdjat eye 715 BC-30 BC EGYPT 38J-D1A
Wdjat eye amulet Wdjat eye amulet Late Period, Dynasty XXVI 664 BC-525 BC EGYPT faience D134-1982