Australian Decorative Arts

 (2273 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Inkwell Inkwell (c. 1885) J. M. WENDT (attributed to) silver, emu egg, ebonised wood D213-1979
Coursing trophy Coursing trophy (c. 1875) Edward FISCHER sterling silver, silver-gilt D56.a-b-1979
Traces, necklace Traces, necklace (2002) Helge LARSEN; Darani LEWERS sterling silver, porcelain 2005.67
Free form platter...Olary images Free form platter...Olary images 1996 Milton MOON stoneware 1996.581
Shield Shield (early 20th century-mid 20th century) Unknown Northern Territory / Western Australian Aboriginal earth pigments on beanwood (Erythina vespertilio), falcon feathers, natural binder 2011.170
Bracelet Bracelet (1983) Susan COHN anodised aluminium, plastic thread, vinyl tape D30-1983
UTW lounge chair UTW lounge chair (1959) Fred LOWEN (designer); THE FLER COMPANY, Richmond, Melbourne (manufacturer) pine (Pinus sp.), steel, cotton, (other materials) D20-1992
Broad shield Broad shield (early 19th century-mid 19th century) Unknown Victorian Aboriginal earth pigments on wood, cane, pipeclay 2011.123
Bookcase Bookcase (1950s) Schulim KRIMPER Teak (Tectona grandis), Black Bean (Castanospermum australe), glass, brass, (other materials) D147-1981
Scape armchair Scape armchair (1960) Grant FEATHERSTON (designer); ARISTOC INDUSTRIES PTY LTD, Glen Waverly, Melbourne (manufacturer) steel, plywood, vinyl, (other materials) D1-1993
Floor pot Floor pot (1967) Milton MOON stoneware D93-1978
Lounge suite Lounge suite (1983) BUILT MODERNE, Port Melbourne (manufacturer); Roger WOOD (designer); HEALY METALWORKING (manufacturer); Ray ARNOLD (textile screenprinter) steel, copper, cotton, (other materials) D5.a-c-1986
Building, brooch Building, brooch (1986) Carlier MAKIGAWA stainless steel, silver, papier mâché, gold leaf D18-1988
Neckpiece Neckpiece (2004) Mascha MOJE steel, glass 2005.176
Neckpiece Neckpiece (2004) Mascha MOJE polyester resin, nylon thread 2005.175
B220H Curl-up Contour chair B220H Curl-up Contour chair (1953) Grant FEATHERSTON (designer); EMERSON BROS PTY LTD, Melbourne (manufacturer) hardwood, plywood, cotton (replacement), (other materials) D220-1973
The Flemington Cup The Flemington Cup 1849 Charles BRENTANI silver, silver-gilt D30-1984
Trevor and friend Trevor and friend (c. 1960) John PERCEVAL earthenware D21.a-b-1987
Entropy of Red: Crown Entropy of Red: Crown (1995) Robert BAINES silver-gilt, glass, plastic 1995.563
Inkstand Inkstand (c. 1909) JAMES McBEAN & SON, Melbourne (manufacturer) silver, silver-gilt, emu egg, Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) D68.a-c-1979