Australian Painting

 (3999 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
A bush tucker story A bush tucker story 1972 Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula Pintupi; Luritja synthetic polymer paint on composition board O.48-1987
West Africa West Africa 1948 Peter PURVES SMITH oil on canvas 2092-4
J. B. Were J. B. Were 1852 Conway HART oil on canvas p.310.10-1
Desert Desert 1950 Sidney NOLAN oil and enamel on composition board 2003.292
Corner of a drawing-room Corner of a drawing-room 1887 Emma Minnie BOYD oil on canvas 2006.37
Woman in a garden Woman in a garden (c. 1897) Girolamo NERLI oil on cardboard 3409-4
Painting 1976 Painting 1976 (1976) Peter BOOTH synthetic polymer and metallic paint on mirror and stones on canvas 2006.180
The breath of spring The breath of spring 1919 Penleigh BOYD oil on canvas 976-3
Notes to Basquiat: Poet and Muse Notes to Basquiat: Poet and Muse 2000 Gordon BENNETT synthetic polymer paint on canvas 2001.522
The Crimean Wars: Cinderella The Crimean Wars: Cinderella 1985 Jenny WATSON oil, synthetic polymer paint and gouache on canvas 2002.282
Summer's end Summer's end 1988 Richard LARTER synthetic polymer paint on canvas 2001.377
Violet morning Violet morning 1978 Lesley DUMBRELL synthetic polymer paint on canvas DC40-1978
Theme for a mural Theme for a mural 1941 Eric WILSON oil and collage on plywood on enamel paint on corrugated iron 54-5
Channel crossing Channel crossing (1939-1940) Eric WILSON oil on canvas on plywood 2895-4
Macro of Place Pigalle Macro of Place Pigalle 1949 Albert TUCKER oil on canvas on cardboard A5-1982
Untitled Untitled 1972 Uta Uta Tjangala Pintupi synthetic polymer paint on composition board O.223-1991
Old woman, Opoul Old woman, Opoul 1981 Noel COUNIHAN oil on canvas AC6-1985
The tiger shark, Bangudja The tiger shark, Bangudja 1948 Nengbinarra Neyangkumanyirra Mamarika Anindilyakwa earth pigments on Stringybark O.1-1956
Yarumayi Jukurrpa (White ochre Dreaming) Yarumayi Jukurrpa (White ochre Dreaming) 1987 Jeannie Nungarrayi Egan Warlpiri synthetic polymer paint on canvas O.1-1988
Summer evening Summer evening (1908) Frederick McCUBBIN oil on artist board A27-1980