International Fashion & Textiles

 (5280 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Dress Dress (c. 1912) (ENGLAND) cotton, (Irish crochet) 764-D5
Diamond in the square quilt Diamond in the square quilt (c. 1925) UNITED STATES wool, cotton 1997.358
Jacket (Casaquin) Jacket (Casaquin) (c. 1730-1750); (c. 1720-1730) {fabric} FRANCE silk and gilt brocade 1331-D4
Fan Fan 18th century (CHINA) paper, silver, enamel, metal, gauche 2066-D3
Dress Dress (c. 1878) PARROCK & COULTHARD, Ashford, Kent silk, cotton lace D165-1974
Chalice cover Chalice cover (17th century) (ITALY) linen (needle lace) (punto in aria) (embroidered lace) (reticella) 853-D5
Dress Dress 1997 {spring-summer} COMME DES GARÇONS, Tokyo (fashion house); Rei KAWAKUBO (designer) cotton, polyester, nylon tulle 2005.375
Pelisse and dress Pelisse and dress (c. 1818) (ENGLAND) cotton, silk metal (buttons and hook and eye) D116.a-c-1974
Runner Runner 18th century-early 19th century (EUROPE) wool 4211-D3
Coat Coat 1999 {autumn-winter Moulin Rouge Collection} YOHJI YAMAMOTO, Tokyo (fashion house); Yohji YAMAMOTO (designer) rayon, wool, acrylic, polyester 2002.321
Tapestry Tapestry (c. 1700) BEAUVAIS (manufacturer); Jean BERAIN (designer) wool 682-D4
Stomacher Stomacher (early 18th century) ENGLAND linen, silk 963-D2
Dress (Open robe and petticoat) Dress (Open robe and petticoat) (c. 1770) (ENGLAND) silk taffeta brocade, cotton (bobbin lace) D6.a-b-1971
Emperor’s semi-formal court robe (Jifu) Emperor’s semi-formal court robe (Jifu) (late 19th century) CHINESE silk, silk and metalic thread, gilt 983-D4
Stockings Stockings 1610 ENGLAND silk, silver gilt, cotton CT92.a-b-1989
Rug Rug early 19th century (EUROPE) wool 4202-D3
Coat Coat (c. 1983) YOHJI YAMAMOTO, Tokyo (fashion house); Yohji YAMAMOTO (designer) cotton, rubber, plastic 2007.437
Dress Dress (c. 1927) (FRANCE) silk, gelatin sequins, glass and plastic beads D253-1974
Dress Dress (c. 1842) (ENGLAND) block-printed wool, silk ribbon, metal (hooks), baleen D67-1977
Jacket and skirt Jacket and skirt 2000 {spring-summer, Bercy collection} YOHJI YAMAMOTO, Tokyo (fashion house); Yohji YAMAMOTO (designer) cotton, rayon, plastic, glass, polyester 2002.320.a-b