International Fashion & Textiles

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Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Suit Suit 1970 {spring-summer} CHANEL, Paris (couture house); Gabrielle 'Coco' CHANEL (designer) silk, wool, brass, metal CT9.a-b-1986
Platform court shoes Platform court shoes 1993-1994 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, London (fashion house); Vivienne WESTWOOD (designer) leather, patent leather, synthetic (heel cap) CT431.a-b-1994
Lace footing/border Lace footing/border UNKNOWN linen 1271-D5
Skirt strip Skirt strip (MACEDONIA) silk, linen 29-D4
CAP PIECE CAP PIECE (CROATIA) Bright silk embroidery, blue ground, 1 large flower in pinks, surrounded by branches, pink border D51 R-1969
Length of dress fabric Length of dress fabric 1900-1915 (ENGLAND) net, silk D261 A-1977
Embroidered panel Embroidered panel 17th century (PORTUGAL) silk 1333 C-D4
Border sewn as lappet Border sewn as lappet UNKNOWN linen 1250-D5
APRON APRON c. 1929 Black, gathered onto band, part of Child's National Costume (acc.# D022A-I) D22 B-1980
RIBBON RIBBON 1900-1920 (FRANCE); (SWITZERLAND) 1 of 2 embroidered ribbons, cream with (acc.# D224A-B) D224 A-1977
BEADS BEADS 19th century THE WILD MUSTANG MFG CO. String of multi-coloured glass beads (worn with suit D067A-B/1976) D67 C-1976
Evening dress Evening dress 1987 {autumn-winter} THIERRY MUGLER, Paris (fashion house); Thierry MUGLER (designer) viscose and rayon blend, velvet, silk, satin 2006.486
Jacket Jacket 1983 CUGGI, Melbourne polyester, cotton CT107-1985
Shawl Shawl (c. 1850) (SCOTLAND) silk, wool D123-1979
LENGTH OF SILK LINING LENGTH OF SILK LINING 1890-1910 (JAPAN) 1 of two lengths, brown & dark brown (acc.# D235A-B) D235 A-1977
PRINTED TEXTILE PRINTED TEXTILE Black print on linen, hand col.painting of Egyptian figures, 2 metal eyelets for hanging 1814-D3
Hand block printing on cotton Hand block printing on cotton INDIA hand block printed cotton 5 B-D2
Border Border (17th century) (ITALY) linen (cut-work and Punto Reale) 802A-D5
Pair of shoe buckles Pair of shoe buckles (c. 1910) (FRANCE) metal, diamanté CT6.a-b-1981
Queen Summer Queen Summer (c. 1910) (ENGLAND) silk 1563 L-D5