International Sculpture

 (513 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Countess Matilda of Tuscany Countess Matilda of Tuscany (c. 1634) Gianlorenzo BERNINI gilt-bronze E2.a-b-1970
Amida Buddha Amida Buddha (12th century) JAPANESE lacquer, gold and pigment on Cypress (Hinoki), crystals 2010.3
Sibell Mary, Countess Grosvenor Sibell Mary, Countess Grosvenor 1874 Jules DALOU earthenware 1549-D4
Avalokiteshvara Avalokiteshvara (17th century-18th century) TIBETO-CHINESE gilt-bronze, semi-precious stone, pigment 1485-D5
St John the Baptist St John the Baptist (15th century) ENGLAND alabaster paint 1301-3
Noh mask, Ōbeshimi Noh mask, Ōbeshimi (17th century) DEME Hidemitsu (attributed to) pigments, ground shell and animal glue on Cypress (Hinoki), silk thread cord 2011.352
Dog Dog Six dynasties CHINESE earthenware, coloured pigments 627-D4
Walking tiger Walking tiger (c. 1841); (1900) {cast} Antoine-Louis BARYE bronze 2846-D3
Warrior guardian Warrior guardian (16th century-17th century) CHINESE earthenware 2100-D3
Madonna and child Madonna and child (c. 1680-1685) Michael ZÜRN II polychromed, silvered and gilt limewood 1459-D5
People in a wind People in a wind (1950) Kenneth ARMITAGE bronze 527-D5
Crown of buds II Crown of buds II (1936); (late 1950s-1960s) {cast} Jean ARP bronze EA1-1978
Military official Military official Tang dynasty CHINESE earthenware 2578-D3
Head of a Bodhisattva Head of a Bodhisattva Tang dynasty CHINESE stone, pigments 524-D4
Female Head In Low Relief Female Head In Low Relief UNKNOWN Marble medallion 3241-D3
Chaitanya Chaitanya (19th century) INDIAN bronze, gilt 899-D2
Pair of falconers Pair of falconers 700 AD-750 AD CHINESE earthenware, coloured pigments 3685.a-b-D3
Maquettes for dome of St Paul's Cathedral, London Maquettes for dome of St Paul's Cathedral, London (1862-1865) Alfred STEVENS bronze 3557.a-b-D3
Kris and scabbard Kris and scabbard (late 19th century) JAVANESE iron, wood, brass AS20-1974
FIGURE - SCHOLAR/GOD OF LONGEVITY FIGURE - SCHOLAR/GOD OF LONGEVITY CHINESE Kneeling man, bearded, robe motif, holding up scroll insc.'long-life, happiness'. Ming period 1981-D3