International Sculpture

 (513 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Lion attacking a horse Lion attacking a horse (c. 1857); (1857-1858) {cast} Antoine-Louis BARYE bronze 3556-D3
Female figure Female figure (early 6th century) CHINESE earthenware, pigment 584-D4
Bodhisattva Bodhisattva Kamakura period 1185-1333 JAPANESE wood, lacquer, gold paint, pigment, metal, glass 1736.a-d-D4
Female immortal, He Xianggu Female immortal, He Xianggu Qing dynasty, Qianlong period 1736-1795 CHINESE jade 2756-D3
Bodhisattva Bodhisattva 550 AD-570 AD CHINESE limestone, pigment, lacquer 1669-D4
Mountain retreat tea house Mountain retreat tea house 2002 {designed}; 2010 {made} UCHIDA Shigeru polyurethane on stained Oak (Quercus sp.) (Nara) and Ash (Franxinus sp.), bamboo, straw, copper 2010.287
Icarus Icarus (c. 1889) Alfred GILBERT bronze 3607-D3
Camel Camel 700 AD-750 AD CHINESE earthenware (Sancai ware) 2786-D3
Tree goddess, Salabhanjika Tree goddess, Salabhanjika (1150-1200) INDIAN chloritic schist 540-D5
Guanyin Guanyin Tang dynasty 618 AD-907 AD CHINESE gilt-bronze AS68-1976
God of longevity God of longevity (17th century) CHINESE ivory 4125-D3
Head of a boy Head of a boy (18th century) ITALY marble 1505A.a-b-D4
Good official Good official 2nd century BC CHINESE earthenware, pigments 3670-D3
Voltaire Voltaire 1778 Jean-Antoine HOUDON bronze 4427-D3
Mask of the man with the broken nose Mask of the man with the broken nose (1863-1872) Auguste RODIN bronze 3974-D3
Reverend on ice Reverend on ice (2005) Yinka SHONIBARE semi-opaque synthetic polymer resin, cotton (Dutch wax), wool, leather, wood, steel 2006.10
Georges Gougenot Georges Gougenot 1748 Jean-Baptiste PIGALLE marble 1509-D5
Cast of artist's hands Cast of artist's hands 1920 Max KLINGER plaster S2-1994
Female figure Female figure 4th century AD-6th century AD INDIAN schist 4130-D3
Cat Cat (19th century) JAPANESE stoneware (Bizen ware) 2305-D3