International Sculpture

 (510 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Female equestrian Female equestrian 7th century AD-8th century AD CHINESE earthenware, pigments 3680-D3
Madonna and Child Madonna and Child (early 16th century) Benedetto BUGLIONI earthenware 1394.a-b-D4
Buddha Buddha (19th century) THAI gilt-bronze, pigment 579-D5
Kneeling youth Kneeling youth (1898) George MINNE plaster 2011.10
Jean Paul Laurens Jean Paul Laurens (1881) Auguste RODIN bronze 247-2
Mahakali Mahakali Chola period 850 AD-1150 INDIAN bronze AS20-1975
Gyōdō mask of Bodhisattva Gyōdō mask of Bodhisattva Kamakura period 1185-1333 JAPANESE lacquer and gold paint on wood 1535-D4
Guanyin Guanyin Jin dynasty 1115-1234 CHINESE wood, pigments 4645-D3
BAS RELIEF BAS RELIEF Christ led forth 1201-D1R
Musidora Musidora 1878 Marshall WOOD marble 760-2
Scholar’s rock Scholar’s rock (17th century) UNKNOWN limestone 2012.129
Crying lion Crying lion 1881 Auguste RODIN bronze 379-2
Lion and boar Lion and boar (c. 1835); (c. 1876) {cast} Antoine-Louis BARYE bronze 237-2
Seated female Seated female 700 AD-750 AD CHINESE earthenware, pigments 3684-D3
White Tara, Sitatara White Tara, Sitatara (12th century-13th century) TIBETAN bronze, silver, copper, turquoise AS17-1982
Crown of buds II Crown of buds II (1936); (late 1950s-1960s) {cast} Jean ARP bronze EA1-1978
Bodhisattva Bodhisattva (12th century) JAPANESE lacquer, gilt-Cypress (Hinoki), crystal 2011.118
Dog Dog Six dynasties CHINESE earthenware, coloured pigments 627-D4
Noh mask, Chūjō Noh mask, Chūjō (17th century-18th century) JAPANESE pigments, ground shell and animal glue on Cypress (Hinoki), silk thread cord 2011.351
Bodhisattva Bodhisattva Northern Qi dynasty 550 AD-577 AD CHINESE limestone, pigments, lacquer 1670-D4