(92 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Wine pot Wine pot (16th century) CHINESE porcelain 4279-D3
Pylon chair Pylon chair 1991 {designed}; 1992 {manufactured} Tom DIXON (designer); CAPPELLINI, Arosio (manufacturer) painted steel 2003.7
Wiggle side chair Wiggle side chair 1972 {designed}; 2001 {manufactured} Frank O. GEHRY (designer); VITRA, Weil am Rhein (manufacturer) cardboard, composition board 2003.492
.308 (rifle) .308 (rifle) 2004 eX de MEDICI watercolour 2004.597
A lion attacking a horse A lion attacking a horse (c. 1765) George STUBBS oil on canvas 2052-4
Falls of Schaffhausen (Val d’Aosta) Falls of Schaffhausen (Val d’Aosta) (c. 1845) J. M. W. TURNER oil on canvas E2-1973
A sergeant of the Light Horse A sergeant of the Light Horse 1920 George W. LAMBERT oil on canvas 1182-3
Acrobats Acrobats 1916 Albert GLEIZES oil on canvas 2003.664
Airport at night Airport at night (1944) Russell DRYSDALE pen and ink, brush and ink, watercolour 1405-4
Richard St George Mansergh-St George Richard St George Mansergh-St George (c. 1776-1780) Thomas GAINSBOROUGH oil on canvas 1223-3
Anguish Anguish (c. 1878) August Friedrich Albrecht SCHENCK oil on canvas p.307.6-1
Balzac Balzac (1898); 1967 {cast} Auguste RODIN bronze 1564-D5
Bamboo in spring rain Bamboo in spring rain (early 14th century) WU Zhen ink on silk 2005.532
Anwerlarr anganenty (Big yam Dreaming) Anwerlarr anganenty (Big yam Dreaming) 1995 Emily Kam Kngwarray Anmatyerr synthetic polymer paint on canvas 1995.709
Boulevard Montmartre, morning, cloudy weather Boulevard Montmartre, morning, cloudy weather 1897 Camille PISSARRO oil on canvas 204-2
Canopic chest Canopic chest Ptolemaic Period 332 BC-30 BC EGYPT wood, gesso, pigment D97.a-c-1982
Cell (Glass spheres and hands) Cell (Glass spheres and hands) (1990-1993) Louise BOURGEOIS glass, iron, wood, linoleum, canvas, marble S8.a-m-1994
Circe Circe 1893 Bertram MACKENNAL bronze 478-2
Clouds Clouds 1822 John CONSTABLE oil on paper on cardboard 455-4
Collins St, 5p.m. Collins St, 5p.m. 1955 John BRACK oil on canvas 3302-4
Combat Combat 1965 Lee KRASNER oil on canvas IC1-1992
Daybed Daybed (c. 1735-1740) Giles GRENDEY gold and silver leaf on painted wood (japanned), cane 568-D4
Dog Dog (c. 1753) VINCENNES PORCELAIN FACTORY, Paris (manufacturer) porcelain (soft-paste) D16-1983
Doge Pietro Loredano Doge Pietro Loredano (1567-1570) Jacopo TINTORETTO oil on canvas 3677-3
Evening dress Evening dress 2003 {Autopsy collection autumn-winter 2003-2004} MATICEVSKI, Melbourne (fashion house); Toni MATICEVSKI (designer) silk (satin) 2004.46