The Adventures of Napoleon & Joesphine

The Adventures of Napoleon and Josephine

Phip Murray

The Adventures of Napoleon and Josephine is an ideal introduction to this captivating period in France’s history. Packed with interesting historical and cultural facts, this title is a delight for the imaginative and inquisitive reader aged six to twelve. In the spirit of discovery and exploration, Phip Murray’s engaging writing transports the audience to Revolution-era France, where she traces Napoleon and Josephine’s footsteps across Europe. This delightful publication features reproductions of prominent works from the era, fun facts and figures, and French vocabulary appropriate for the younger audience. Simultaneously educational and entertaining, this book captures the very essence of adventure.

National Gallery of Victoria
240mm x 180mm, portrait
40 pages
Fully illustrated in colour
Children’s books

Napoleon Publication

Napoleon: Revolution to Empire

Ted Gott and Karine Huguenaud with contributing authors

Publication Year 2012
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Revolution to Empire

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