How to Explore Art

Enjoyable, interesting, puzzling, provocative or challenging – art can be all these things.

We can respond to an artwork immediately – It seems to communicate clear ideas and messages that make sense. Often it’s because what we see is familiar in some way. It connects to our own life and experience.

Sometimes it takes longer to get to know an artwork. We might need to take a closer, longer look or find out more.

Even if an artwork makes sense at first glance, we can discover more by finding out about the background and history of the artwork, the artist’s ideas, and the ideas that others have had about the artwork.

Exploring art involves looking, thinking and research. This exploration can take you in many directions and give you lots of ideas to think about.

The Art Start Model can help your looking, thinking and research about art. Each layer in the model is related to the others, but provides a different starting point for exploring an artwork.

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