Inspiring learning with art and design

NGV Digital Creatives


The NGV Digital Creatives programs enable students to use digital technologies to explore, interpret, create and share works of art.

Works from the NGV Collection provide an inspiring and unique starting point for engaging learning programs that:

  • Support the integration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and the visual arts
  • Provide an authentic context for developing problem solving, critical and creative thinking skills

Digital Creatives Workshops for Students

What has code got to do with art?

Artists excel at finding innovative ways to use available materials and tools. Traditional materials – like paint, stone, clay and film – all have unique properties and processes to which the artist adds their own stamp to express ideas. Coding is a tool of the digital age. Like traditional art tools it has its own and characteristics and can be used to understand, to communicate and to create new things.

The language of code is a language of logic, mathematics, problem solving and computational thinking, but also a language that invites creativity in its application.

These programs have been developed in collaboration with Code Club Australia.

Creators and Inventors
Foundation to Yr 6

Be inspired by the creativity and inventiveness of artists in the NGV Collection before making your own work of art with a little code, a little science and a lot of fun.

This program introduces MaKey MaKey, a kit of simple materials, that gives tinkerers, dreamers and makers the power to invent: with the snap of an alligator clip, everyday objects interact with art in creative and surprising ways. Students will come away with an appreciation for art and story, an understanding of code and circuits and the inspiration to create and invent.
All equipment provided.

Cost $18 per student (2 hours)

Maximum 30 students

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Sphero Roboartist
Foundation to Yr 6

Inspired by artists who use materials in individual and often unexpected ways, this workshop will challenge students to create paintings and photography using mathematics, coding, iPads and robotics. Students will write a series of coding instructions for our Sphero robots that will bring their coding to life in an explosion of vibrant, expressive colour, lines and shapes.
All equipment provided.

Cost $18 per student (2 hours)

Maximum 20 students

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App Artist / Pixel Painter
All levels

Using a variety of drawing, painting and photography tools – on iPad, students examine and analyse works of art and use them to inspire new creations in a digital sketchbook.

Cost $16 per student (2 hours)

Maximum 40 students

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Young Critic / Art Analyst
Recommended for Yr 4–10

On iPad and using film, photography, drawing and audio recording, students create and present their own take on the works of art that grab them, compiling their responses in a digital book.

Cost $16 per student (2 hours)

Maximum 40 students

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Digital Creatives: Creative Control – Design and Build Your Own Working Classic Video Game Controller
Level 3 – 8
Mon 11 Jun – Fri 5 Oct
NGV International

Japan is known for its rich history in arcade culture and video games. This program uses Space Invaders (1978), developed by Tomohiro Nishikado, as inspiration and enables students to discover the creativity in early games culture prior to today’s world of virtual and augmented reality, touch screens, smartphones and control pads. Combining simple coding and traditional materials, students design their own, fully functional video game controllers to move a character around on the screen, or even play a game of Space Invaders. This workshop, facilitated by an NGV educator, introduces students to block coding in Scratch and Makey Makey inventor kits. A detailed online resource enables students and teachers to continue developing their skills in the classroom.

Cost $30 per student (full-day program)

Maximum 45 students

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