Image: Human tapestry

Catherine Gilford
Human tapestry

synthetic polymer paint, gouache, pastel
121.4 x 159.7 cm irreg. (sheet)
Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, Mentone
‘Diversity, the art of thinking independently together’ – Malcolm S Forbes’ powerful words acknowledge the essence of multiculturalism and are the touchstone of this work. It is a pictorial synthesis of diverse cultures inspired by my multicultural friendship circle and the cherished relationships which enrich my soul. Painted and drawn, this anthropological web fuses ideologies and belief systems, generating neo-identities. Australians engage and interweave their lives, language, rituals and customs, redefining the rich fabric of cultural diversity into a collage of humanity. We intertwine identities, histories, memories, aspirations, goals and values constructing a pageant of humankind, a living tapestry.