Image: On the news tonight

Katherine Montesano
On the news tonight

transfer rubbing on paper, gouache, enamel and synthetic polymer paint, colour DVD, silent, 5 min, found objects, televisions
230.0 x 400.00x 50.00 cm (variable) (installation)
Star of the Sea College, Gardenvale
The news – we watch it, listen to it, read it and can be part of it. Humans have an insatiable appetite to know what others are doing and what is happening in their environment and world. My installation is inspired by artist Nam June Paik. A combination of media including stencils, crystal clear transfers and multimedia allowed me to bombard my audience to show how the news can affect individuals and elicit a variety of emotions. Over time we can be manipulated by what we watch and become hardened to the misfortune of others.