Top Arts 2012 – Selected folios

Pages selected from four folios are displayed on this screen to provide an insight into the developmental work undertaken by students in VCE Art and Studio Arts.

Rudi Williams

Laeli Greenwood

Katherine Montesano

Aedan Madden

Areas of Study

Studio Arts
The folios document the exploration proposal which defines the development of the design process, including subject matter, concepts and ideas, and materials and techniques to be explored. The folios support the curriculum requirements of the study design, as the student describes aesthetic qualities to be explored, identifies a range of potential directions, and includes a folio focus statement, which is a reflection and evaluation of the finished works.

The folios demonstrate an exploration of personal ideas through a conceptual and practical investigation in artmaking. The folios support the curriculum requirements of the study design as the student investigates and experiments with materials and techniques, processes, aesthetics and artforms. The student reflects, documents and annotates their working practice using the Analytical Frameworks and documents their resolution of ideas, directions and concepts in a body of work that includes at least two finished works.