Top Arts 2013


Exploration proposal and work plan

Folio: Alex Bouras

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Studio Arts
Buckley Park College, Essendon

Alex’s exploration proposal and work plan for Unit 3 feature along with the ‘holiday homework’ at the beginning of the Unit 3 folio.  In the exploration proposal Alex clearly states his interest in, and connection to Greek mythology, and his intention to focus specifically on Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ and to ‘recontextualise this story in a modern way showing how the morals and lessons learned from the past are relevant in today’s society’. He indicates how he will communicate his ideas by explaining that he will use friends and family members to recreate scenes from the myth. Sources of inspiration ranging from movies, computer games and artists are identified and discussed in relation to how they will inform the development of Alex’s work. For example, ‘Movies like ‘300’ and games like ‘God of War’ depict Greek mythology and history in a different way. The realistic imagery combined with fantasy appeals to me. They depict these myths with a sense of strength and power’. Alex also describes the artforms that he will explore, making reference to specific materials and processes, including a focus on traditional painting methods that will involve him making his own paints.

In his work plan Alex maps out his activities in relation to his exploration proposal and the design process, week by week. There is a strong emphasis in the work plan on linking the individual design process with the exploration proposal and ensuring that both address the criteria in the study design.