Top Arts 2013


Exploring, investigating and experimenting

Folio: Glen Clancey

Portrait image

Frankston High School, Frankston

This is one of several pages early in Glen’s folio for Unit 3 where we see him experimenting with expressive linear pen drawings of animals. This page is a full page of animal studies, but on the page prior (not illustrated), which also includes some pen studies, Glen explains his intention to use bold line work ‘to emphasise all the wrinkles and age lines of the creature’s face to show all the pain and suffering of years in captivity’.  He indicates he will us both outlines and contour lines. On another page that includes annotations we see Glen commenting that ‘the stylised linear look of these sketches really appeals to me.  The messy, out of control line work works well to capture the raw emotion of entrapment.  I think these huddled figures capture a lot of emotion. I like the jagged sketch like lines that suggest volume’. These comments are highlighted blue to indicate their relationship with the Formal Analytical Framework.

Interspersed with his pen drawings of animals Glen includes a photograph of a mural done with paint rollers in Fitzroy. He notes that it has bold, tonal style that appeals to him, and that ‘the patchy paint application is similar to the quick, expressive technique that I want to explore.  The geometric patches of tone coupled with drips and streaks give the work amazing emotion and energy that I really want to explore in future’. These comments are evidence of Glen’s exploration and investigation of materials, techniques, processes and artforms, and how he is progressively developing and refining ideas and personal concepts.