Top Arts 2013


Documenting and analysing thinking and working practice

Folio: Glen Clancey

Portrait image

Frankston High School, Frankston

This page follows several other pages (not illustrated) in Glen’s folio where we see him experimenting with how to represent a pygmy Loris/Gibbon with powerful emotion. He pays particular focus to the eyes, identifying this feature as key to portraying emotion. His annotations reveal significant analysis of what is working and not working in his experiments. For example ‘I don’t like the messy line work any more and I want to try and neaten it up so the character is more easily recognisable as a monkey.  Hopefully this will create the more graphic style that interests me. ‘…On a later sketch with tighter, more controlled line work he notes ‘the tidier line work is much better I think, it makes the creature more identifiable’. On this page we see how experimentation with a new type of marker has helped him refine his work.  He notes ‘opaque black marker, water based ink. Gives great bold lines that are water and fade resistant. I love the really dark black and the strength of the lines I can achieve.  Will continue using this medium in future.’ We also see on this page how Glen continues to express an interest in street art, relating the materials and aesthetics of this art form to his own interests. Highlighter pens are used to indicate his use of the Formal, Personal and Contemporary Analytical frameworks.