Top Arts 2013


Conceptual and practical investigation

Folio: Laura Clarnette

Portrait image

Beaconhills College, Pakenham

Laura documents the conceptual and practical development and refinement of her work in Unit 3 in a folio that begins with a mind map around her chosen theme of language. The two key sections of the mind map ‘my ideas’ and ‘techniques’ reflect the focus on both conceptual and practical investigation in the study design.

Alongside the mind map Laura presents a short statement ‘My Proposal’ (not illustrated) explaining her intention to focus on language.  ‘The theme that I have chosen to explore and utilise as a basis for my artwork over the course of this coming year is language.  I have chosen this topic as it is something that I truly find interesting and will be able to focus on and explore in some depth without becoming stuck for inspiration throughout the year.  I specifically want to look at how language has slowly disintegrated and faded over time and how the language that we speak today is very different from what was spoken many years ago’.