Top Arts 2013


Artistic inspiration and analytical frameworks

Folio: Laura Clarnette

Portrait image

Beaconhills College, Pakenham

Early in her developmental folio Laura includes images and annotations detailing sources of artistic inspiration. In her reflections on why each artist/image is a source of inspiration Laura uses the language of selected Analytical Frameworks. She highlights this by using abbreviations that indicate the particular Analytical Framework she is using. On this page for example we see “FF” to indicate the use of the Formal Framework. In discussing the inspiration she derives from Barbara Kruger she notes that the artist’s artwork ‘is a good source of inspiration for me as she incorporates text in most of her work. FF: The line within this work is very significant as it breaks it up into different sections through the mirror shattering. The focal point is clearly the area which something has hit and consequently shattered the mirror. Her use of only black and white definitely assists in adding emotion and darkness to the work’. Laura also includes a page in her folio on the history of the English Language (not illustrated) which shows her investigating ideas alongside the formal and technical concerns.