Top Arts 2013


Exploring, investigating and exploring

Folio: Laura Clarnette

Portrait image

Beaconhills College, Pakenham

Following her experiments with embossings and monoprints focused on the word ‘word’ at the beginning of Unit 4, Laura decides to use linocut to create a finished artwork. On a page (not illustrated) she describes her plans to create a work that will be ‘four linos wide and five ‘shades’ long.  The last section will be an embossing that I will weave. The weaving symbolises how messy and distorted our language has become’. On this page we see how evidence of how she progressively develops and refines conceptual ideas and the composition and structure for the finished work. For example she explains how ‘the whole work will be woven. It will fade from dark to light just like our language has done’. She annotates her sketch to indicate how letters, forming slang phrases such as ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’ will be on floor under the work, to look as though they have fallen out of the embossing.