Top Arts 2013


Exploration proposal

Folio: Mietta Mullaly

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Studio Arts
Star of the Sea College, Brighton

In her exploration proposal Mietta begins by describing how the structures of the city intrigue her, and inspire her imagination and wonder about other structures.  She identifies internal and external structures as her focus.  She explains her exploration of external structures will focus on the architecture of buildings, bridges and historical landmarks, and finding creative and imaginative ways to understand and respond to these structures.  Her interest in internal structures is linked to living things and using both science and imagination to respond to these.  She describes ‘an exploratory journey of both internal and external structures’ and ‘ultimately creating structures of a surreal world’.

Mietta identifies three artists as important sources of inspiration - Theo Jansen, Victor Enrich and Salvador Dali.  She includes images of work by each artist and reflects on how the ideas and work of each artist link to her own interests.  For example, ‘Like I endeavour to, Enrich has explored real life building/architectural structures and given them surreal dimensions’.  In further pages of the exploration proposal Mietta discusses the inspiration she derives from significant architectural constructions.  She also identifies photography drawing, painting and sculpture as artforms she will explore, discussing specific materials and processes she will use and how these choices relate to the ideas she plans to explore.  

The exploration proposal concludes with a week by week work plan. This details what Mietta will do each week to complete the ‘individual design process’..  The work plan includes a column dedicated to the exploration proposal which provides reminders to regularly check progress against ideas in the exploration proposal.