Top Arts 2013


Exploration proposal

Folio: Sarah Ujmaia

Portrait image

Studio Arts
St Monica's College, Epping

Sarah’s folio for Unit 3 opens with a two page exploration proposal which begins with her reflecting on a quote by Oscar Wilde ‘be yourself, everyone else is already taken’. This leads into a discussion of her interest in people and identity, specifically an ‘underlying beauty which is hard to see, but once you see it, it’s hard to ignore, which is why I want to communicate it through my art’.

Sarah identifies three artists, each with a ‘relatively realistic style’, as important sources of inspiration. She includes an image of each artist’s work and clearly describes what it is about these artists that inspire her.

In the exploration proposal Sarah explains her intention to explore portraiture and that she wants her work to be as ‘realistic as possible’. She describes in some detail how she will explore different aesthetic qualities to achieve her aims. For example, she discusses how she will use minimal background and experiment with cropping or combining a number of images to ‘really get across who that person is’.

Sarah makes clear her intention of trialling many materials, explaining her interest in each, describing the techniques and processes that she will try and how these will help her communicate her ideas. For example, in discussing her interest in working with charcoal she comments on ‘the deep, dark shades that can be created with charcoal’ and how these can be used to give a drawing more depth.