Top Arts 2013

Image: The Journey Image: The Journey

Alex Bouras
The Journey

oil on canvas
111.5 x 137.0 cm
Studio Arts
Buckley Park College, Essendon
I focussed mainly on colour and balance. I used basic geometric lines going across my work as the base of my painting and then moulded the subject matter around these lines to ensure a balance and unity were present. I used various layers in my piece to create depth throughout the composition. I created this work to establish a connection with Homer’s Odyssey and today’s society as a whole. I wanted to represent how the myth is still relevant in a modern world. My main intention was to show how, like the adventures of Odysseus and his men, school is another journey. We need to focus on our goals and not get drawn into the dangerous lures of society however we must not lock ourselves away from the community that we are in.
Advice to new students
To other students undertaking VCE Art and VCE Studio Arts my only advice is to not waste time and continue working throughout the year. In order to achieve high marks your folio requires hard work and consistent exploration. Every time an idea comes to mind it needs to be recorded and annotated. Final works and potential directions need as much effort put into them as you can because you are trying to represent the best you have, not only in your folio, but as an artist - so it is essential that they are started early. Do not leave your work to the last minute because that will always lead to mistakes being made. Time is needed so you can assess your piece and make the changes which will make it better. In every stage of your folio ask for advice from teachers or friends because they can pick up on mistakes that you have missed.