Top Arts 2013

Image: No thought control Image: No thought control

Amy Mountjoy
No thought control

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
30.0 x 30.0 cm
East Loddon P-12 College, Dingee
No thought Control is a protest against the control over peoples’ thoughts that our leaders can have by only telling us what they want us to hear, so we only believe what they want us to believe. I took a photo of a young girl dressed as a rebel and used the computer to turn the photo into the stencil. I then used aerosol spray paint on canvas board for my final piece. My inspiration was Andy Warhol’s Che Guevara.
Advice to new students
Don’t only create your artwork using the traditional methods, but combine these with your own new and unique ways. Don’t feel like you have to stick to creating your artwork in the normal way. Experimenting with new things often makes the artwork more interesting. The weirder the better.