Top Arts 2013

Image: Decay of the media Image: Decay of the media

Angie Tsonidis
Decay of the media

burnt and stained newsprint
240.0 x 320.0 x 50.0 cm (variable) (installation)
St Columba's College, Essendon
Highly inspired by the work of Eva Hesse, the work exploits the use of modern day media, as it breaches into the entity of society. The installation intends to confront its audience through its enormity and expose the monster of the media, as it decays society with the slightest of touch. The dishevelled newspaper is draped and intertwined at the top, almost giving it an anthropomorphic feel. This embodiment of the media as a life size form means to shock its audience, as they too can see themselves within the decay that destroys our society.
Advice to new students
Don’t complete a folio or make a few final pieces as a chore or a time consumer. Do it because you have the freedom of expression. Do it because the blissful nature of art can take you away from any hardships in life. Find the depths of your soul, and set it free through your fingertips.