Top Arts 2013

Image: Quarantine Image: Quarantine

Ben Burgess

cardboard, enamel paint
250.0 x 850.0 x 230.0 cm (variable) (installation)
Haileybury College, Keysborough
The intention of this installation piece is to evoke obsessive feeling and emotion within the viewer through excessive colour, repeated faces and the claustrophobic feeling of being engulfed. Melbourne’s contemporary street art scene inspired the use of enamel spray paint, and in some ways Jack Daye’s piece in Top Arts 2010 inspired the creation of my installation. The process I employed was to simply gather pieces of used cardboard and transfer a range of coloured blind contour faces on to single pieces using an enamel spray paint.
Advice to new students
Students should endeavour to investigate a theme that they are passionate about and then explore all the different mediums that could possibly portray that premise. They should attempt to stay on top of everything, as it is nearly impossible to create good art when under pressure and not in a calm state of mind. Also regularly go to galleries and take ideas from everything around you, the people in your class will be the best critics, as well as the people that inspire great new ideas. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the norm. Be innovative, because in this day and age most things have been done to death, so create something new and fresh that a modern audience can relate to.