Top Arts 2013

Image: The parallels of emotions Image: The parallels of emotions

Eliza Mills
The parallels of emotions

colour inkjet print, metal rings, eyelets, string, metal pole
120.0 134.0 cm (variable)
Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, Ivanhoe
The Parallels of Emotions explores the way each of our unique emotions work together to create a single and whole entity. It shows the human experience and range of feelings we go through each day. It is the duality of happy and sad, distraught and excited, and how each emotion can affect the next. I was influenced by photography contact sheets, in how they can capture a broad range of one’s personality, unlike a single photograph which can only depict one emotion.
Advice to new students
Even though it was overwhelming at numerous times, I found it so important to never give up, and the final product and sense of achievement I felt in the end was absolutely worth it. I found it really helpful beginning my folio early during the December holidays, as well as making sure I worked on it consistently throughout the year. Taking endless amounts of photos gave me a huge breadth of imagery to work with and a sense of comfort, in that I had continuous source of ideas and concepts to work with or use as inspiration when I needed. I also found it essential to have a clear direction of where I wanted to go with my folio, whilst still being open to new ideas and approaches as my work developed.  Finally, I think it is so important to enjoy yourself! I know I forgot this a few times during my year and reminding myself that my photography and art is my passion and love in life, helped me gain a more positive frame of mind through the stress that comes with VCE and the extensive task of producing such a huge body of work in art.