Top Arts 2013

Image: Self-low man Image: Self-low man

Eloise Freeman
Self-low man

oil pastel and charcoal
50.0 x 70.0cm (image and sheet) oil pastel and charcoal 70.0 x 50.0 cm (image and sheet)
Ballarat Queens' and Anglican Grammar, Wendouree
My work is very central to people. People are completely compelling for me- how they move and flux through life, how they can be so different, how they connect to objects, places and one another. Art has the ability to manipulate or more so mislead an individual in its representation. This is what my art explores through the charcoal and oil pastel. Perhaps the fundamentals of portraiture, or the human nature, is to judge an individual and try to make a conclusive final to their sense of character.

Grey man
Self-low man


oil pastel and charcoal

(1,5) 70.0 x 50.0cm
(image and sheet)(each);

(2-4) 50.0 x 70.0cm
(image and sheet)(each);
Advice to new students
I would advise students to be open in the beginning of their studies- to choose a concept that is broad. That will allow them to explore and narrow down on a finer notion of the concept throughout the progression of the year and their folio. Also, that they should give an adequate amount of time and effort to art as a subject, as it is rewarding in the long run and allows for a substantial escape from other subjects. The main advice I would give however, is to do what you want to. Art is a great in that respect, it caters for individualism like no other subject can.