Top Arts 2013

Image: Crowd, Portsea backbeach Image: Crowd, Portsea backbeach

Ginny Hodgkinson
Crowd, Portsea backbeach

colour inkjet print
68.0 x 88.0 cm (comp.), 71.0 x 91.0 cm (image and sheet)
Studio Arts
Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak
Having grown up on the coast my theme of the ‘beach’ was a natural choice. I aimed to communicate how people love to colonize the beach and how the relationship people have with the beach is embedded in our culture.  Our human love for the beach is reflected in this image as it seems natural for us to head to the beach on a hot summer's day. The atmosphere in the work is candid and relaxed yet energetic, it portrays an environment of people who co-exist in social harmony. With influences from Rennie Ellis and Massimo Vital and application of Photoshop techniques I have produced a high key image which invites the viewer into the scene.
Advice to new students
I studied both art subjects Visual Arts and Studio Arts and I love them. I made sure that I always kept on top of my projects so I never felt out of control. I never procrastinated with starting written assignments and I always put a lot of effort into my folio presentation. Developing a good folio cannot be whipped up over a night! I was lucky enough to have a clear starting point for my themes and I was happy with my choices of ‘The Beach’ for Studio Arts and ‘The coastal environment’ for Art as these were complementary and not too limiting. I believe in choosing themes that also have a personal connection and affiliation to you, as for me the beach played a major role in my life being a surfer and growing up by the beach, so a theme such as ‘movement’ I believe would have been limiting. I also was always thinking of new concepts and images I could create that related to my theme. Whether it would be looking through a magazine such as International Designers Network or Elephant or even travelling and driving in the car, I was always on the look out for inspiration and new ways I could portray my themes.