Top Arts 2013

Image: Can I keep it? Image: Can I keep it?

Glen Clancey
Can I keep it?

synthetic polymer paint, synthetic polymer medium and fibre-tipped pen on canvas
353.5 x 227.2 cm
Frankston High School, Frankston
My work evolved after visiting a gibbon and loris sanctuary in Vietnam, and experiencing the illegal pet trade first hand. At the sanctuary, volunteers described how animals being prepared for illegal sale have their teeth pulled, ensuring they can’t bite their new owners. This horrific practice leaves the creatures helpless, barely able to eat or fend for themselves, meaning they can never be saved and released. I was inspired by the emotional screams in Francis Bacon’s works, Brett Whiteley’s expressive linear style and also contemporary street artists like Two-one.
Advice to new students
Time is your enemy. The hardest thing about folio based subjects is time management. Every spare moment at school needs to go into art making and spare moments at home are for the folio. If the time doesn’t go into your works then the final works suffer.