Top Arts 2013

Image: Untitled Image: Untitled

James Kinvig

colour inkjet print
60.2 x 133.3 cm (comp.)
Studio Arts
Monbulk College, Monbulk
Nature has always been something that fills me with great joy and fascination. So for this image I have used panoramic photography to really capture the massive force of the natural world. It displays the vast power of nature and re-affirms the notion that without nature the human race is nothing. To achieve this panorama I stitched together multiple images in Photoshop. The inspiration for this image came from looking at any of Ken Duncan’s wonderful panoramas and admiring how perfect they appear. That is what I aimed to display in my own work: the true perfection within the natural world.
Advice to new students
My advice to any student undertaking VCE Art and VCE Studio Arts is to stay happy. Do whatever it takes. Whether it is meditation or a deep breath every day. Make sure that the stresses of year 12 do not overwhelm you. The only thing that gives life meaning is happiness. Don’t let year 12 take that away from you.