Top Arts 2013

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Jess Gall

Inkjet prints
(1-4) 21.0 x 34.5 cm (comp.) (each)
Studio Arts
Swinburne Senior Secondary College, Hawthorn
Minority; the smallest part of a group of people or things.
Inspired by war photographer James Nachtwey and his motivation to “give a voice to the voiceless”, a documentary aesthetic allowed me to capture minority groups living in contemporary society. My black and white series focuses on content as I aimed to reveal the raw emotion and fighting nature of my subject matter, during an ‘end mandatory detention’ protest in Melbourne. My intention is to communicate the truth in what I see, in the society I live in, and to provide a voice to the voiceless.
Advice to new students
I think it’s important to focus on something broad and narrow down your ideas, because then you can execute one thing really well, rather than having many semi refined finals.