Top Arts 2013

Image: Ball, heel & toe Image: Ball, heel & toe

Josephine Ball
Ball, heel & toe

Inkjet prints
(1-3 ) 25.0 x 37.5cm (comp.) (each) 33.0 x 48.0cm (sheet) (each)
Studio Arts
Monbulk College, Monbulk
This year my concepts evolved around the theme of 'Showtime'. I was heavily influenced and inspired by my background as a dancer. I used both digital and analogue photography, to produce detailed images that defined dance. My explorations of this series involved altering the depth of field, tones, texture and contrast so that my images portrayed emphasis towards critical elements of the subject matter. This focus allowed me to illustrate the hardship and dedication involved in dance and the pain that a dancer endures by constantly practising to perfect their individual technique and skill.
Advice to new students
Firstly I would say that Studio Arts is an amazing subject, and you need to be passionate about it. I would also say to enjoy it, to not treat it like another class, but a hobby, separating it from the other subjects. Whilst also taking it seriously, understanding that a lot of hard work and time is needed for excellent results both practical and theoretical.  I would also encourage students, to study the camera, especially DSLR’s, to gain a clear understanding of how the camera works, so the automatic mode is barely used, and manually they can achieve aesthetically pleasing photographs, that communicate there own distinctive view and perspective of the subject matter.