Top Arts 2013

Image: Devolution Image: Devolution

Julia Bergin

linocut, unique stat
(1-5) 42.3 x 68.2cm (block) (each) 49.5 x 76.0 cm (sheet) (each)
Caulfield Grammar, Elsternwick
Devolution  is centred around the idea of the relationship between man and his environment and explores this in the context of society. It illustrates the rigidity it imposes, suppressing individuality and the freedom of innovation. The series of 5 lino prints, maps out the story of a human’s progression through life. Despite one’s growth and development, the inner self is deconstructed by the overwhelming nature of society. The repetition of basic geometry, metaphorically stands for the loss of individuality in a maze of homogeny. This bombardment of shape builds to form the basis of society and the physical building blocks for the figure. In the final frame the figure is barely discernible amongst the mass of pattern, a style inspired by Gustav Klimt, creating the illusion that what once stood as a powerful lone figure, is now gone. The flawless coat of black ink against a stark background exposes the abrupt, harsh reality of our lives. Our surroundings are cruel and are intent on consuming us.
Advice to new students
If I have learnt anything this year, it is that grand ideas arise from the tiniest and simplest of places. It is impossible to contrive a masterpiece out of thin air, you must begin with something small and fathomable, and from it something outstanding will blossom. From small concepts, big artworks are created. In addition to this, pursue something that really interests you, as opposed to a mere idea that you believe will satisfy the criteria. If you are passionate about a belief, an ideology, or merely a particular style of art-making, immerse yourself within this. Art is a subject intended to inspire and enrich your thought process, so every annotation you make should be a documentation of what you believe or why you believe. It is an avenue to release all that you stand for completely unrestrained, and it should be an opportunity to grasp at.