Top Arts 2013

Image: Untitled Image: Untitled

Kiri-Brito Meumann

colour inkjet prints , steel, aluminium and plastic
187.0 x 301.0 x 27.4 cm
Studio Arts
Swinburne Senior Secondary College, Hawthorn
With news media, photographs and videos, you cannot simply zoom in for more information. The closer you get the more abstract and pixilated it becomes. This artwork shows exactly this: it is a photograph of another photograph that has had a small section zoomed in, taking it completely out of context. Viewing the artwork at a close range the observer is unaware of the subject matter. When the observer moves further away, it is only then that the viewer pieces together the mystery of the many individual pixilated A4 sheets.
Advice to new students
Advice I would give students undertaking VCE Art or Studio Arts is to have good time management and a strong concept. A love for the subject is a must and to always look out for possible ideas because you never know where it could take your artwork. Be open to developing ideas, even if it is at a late stage,  as things become apparent as they go.