Top Arts 2013

Image: Quest Image: Quest

Kyoko Bowden

fibre-tipped pen
(1- 9 ) 15.8 x 24.9 cm (comp.) (each)
Mentone Girl's Secondary College, Mentone
My work explores the quest to find an idea for my artwork and how being forced to find an idea can be quite challenging, especially if people have expectations. The idea rose purely from me struggling to find an idea to base my work for this year around. I started off with the girl in her room depicting the emptiness of my own mind at the beginning of this. Then I just started exploring ideas. What would such a journey look like in a dream world? What would happen once she got out of her room? Where would she go? Who would she meet? And what would inspiration look like when she found it? I ended up working with pencil and fine liner after many experiments. It allowed me to control all aspects of the image and create the kind of colours, patterns and textures I needed.I was inspired by the illustrations of Shaun Tan. His creativity and imaginations into a new kind of world really interest me.
Advice to new students
Be yourself. Don’t be blocked in by rules and do what you feel good about. (And don’t leave anything to the last minute!)