Top Arts 2013

Image: Lost in translation Image: Lost in translation

Laura Clarnette
Lost in translation

linocut, embossing and nylon thread
252 x 127.0 x 30.0 cm (overall)
Beaconhills College, Pakenham
I chose to explore the theme of the English language and how it has transformed over time using the phrase 'lost in translation'. I spelt it using letters from different languages to show how the English language has derived from many other languages.I worked with a number of different processes such as printing, embossing, weaving and sewing to emphasise the idea of language deteriorating. On the floor there are abbreviations such as 'LOL', 'OMG' and 'SOZ' which highlight how we no longer express ourselves in the ways that we used to.
Advice to new students
I would tell those who are undertaking VCE Art and Studio Arts to do something that they love otherwise their work and folio will become a chore rather than a passion. You have to be very dedicated to these subjects to succeed as they take up a lot of time and effort. I would also advise them that they do the folio work as they complete their prac work in class because the work will pile up very quickly if they don't.