Top Arts 2013

Image: Objects Image: Objects

Lucy Crossett

colour inkjet print
54.0 x 53.8 cm (image), 84.0 x 59.3 cm (sheet)
Studio Arts
St Michael's Grammar, St Kilda
As a collector, objects have always fascinated me. I think their visual appeal is very much underrated in art. Collections and objects en masse are something that I have also found inspiring. The different things that people collect, why they do so, and how these objects come to hold significance. My aim was to add beauty to the mundane object as well as using objects as a way of conveying emotion and meaning in my photographs.
Advice to new students
Choose a theme or direction that you are really passionate about and something that opens up many possibilities for different pieces. If you are passionate about them, you are able to immerse yourself in your subject matter and produce works to your best ability. Be prepared for some ideas to be more successful than others, nothing is ever perfect and this can lead to disappointment. However, develop your work as much as possible, trial new ideas and strive for the best possible outcome.