Top Arts 2013

Image: Inside of a heart 1 Image: Inside of a heart 1

Lucy Simpson
Inside of a heart 1

oil on canvas
(a-b) 155.0 x 137.0 cm (overall)
Studio Arts
St Leonard's College, Brighton East
Through the theme of ‘internal systems’ I aimed to produce works that were gory in subject matter however when viewed, were interesting to look at and could be interpreted in different ways. This particular work I painted from a photograph I took of the inside of a cow's heart that I obtained from my butcher. For this painting I have heard many different interpretations, my favourite and most common being that it is strawberry milk being poured. My main influence in creating this was my interest in biology and how the body functions.
Advice to new students
To not doubt themselves when doing any work, and to also not worry about what will give them the best mark from their teacher, but to do what they feel most passionate about and what they know they are good at.