Top Arts 2013

Image: Self portrait Image: Self portrait

Madison Griffiths
Self portrait

graphite, fibre-tipped pen, found objects, wood pegs, plastic cord
169.0 x 294.0 59.0 cm (variable) (installation)
Haileybury Girls College, Keysborough
By aggressively exposing the ‘male gaze’, as well as my own understanding of the self, I intended on creating three artistic works that were designed to accurately depict the conflicting ways in which we, as a prescribed race, are forced (or rather expected) to exist. I realistically painted and illustrated my self, as well as elements of my surroundings (as shown in Self-Portrait) in a most ‘true-to-life’ manner. My work was inspired predominately by my drive to understand my particular role as a human being, and chiefly, a female, in such a fabricated and undeniably manufactured society.
Advice to new students
My number one bit of advice towards future students is to take a hold of VCE Art or Studio Arts and truly make it your own; go places you haven’t been, and do not be afraid of exposing yourself. Art should be highly personal and conceptual, not just aesthetic, and your success relies a lot on how passionate you are about your exploration. Research is fundamental and extremely rewarding as well.