Top Arts 2013

Image: Dysphoric Image: Dysphoric

Marco Fink

colour inkjet print
84.0 x 59.3 cm (image and sheet)
The King David School, Armadale
Dysphoric is an exploration of my relationship with gender. The primary theme for my work has been ‘What am I really?’, a series of artworks that deal with identity. Originally I intended to create a self portrait that encapsulated my identity, but as the artwork developed I began to focus on gender. In previous work I’ve explored and celebrated femininity and androgyny, celebrating nonconventional feminine men and masculine women. Dysphoric became a very personal piece about an ‘ideal’ human, that transcends gender entirely and escapes the anxieties that come with gender roles.
Advice to new students
Passion is key. As generic and clichéd as that advice sounds, I completely believe that your artwork and especially your subject matter must fascinate you. For me, my artwork often deals with fantasy and ideals, beings and worlds I can only imagine and wish to be, or be a part of. Art is an awesome opportunity that allows you to explore and express yourself through your creations. Even ultimately incomplete or unsuccessful works are not failures; they become necessary steps to your final creation. Be ambitious and don’t be afraid to push yourself.