Top Arts 2013

Image: Otways Image: Otways

Marie Kinsey

oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas
121.7 x 152.0 cm
Studio Arts
Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak
At the beginning of the year, I began by exploring issues surrounding teenagers and youth culture, but gradually found my work differentiated into human relationships and the natural landscape.  Through the exploration of different mediums, including oil paint and inks, I wanted to draw parallels between the connections between individuals and our elemental connection to the natural world, including how cultures are deeply embedded in different environments. I found a lot of inspiration in the impressionist movement and worked to fuse this style of art with more contemporary art process and cultural issues.
Advice to new students
I would definitely advise any students undertaking VCE to make the most of this incredible opportunity to explore and discover your personal artistic style and potential, and the vast and incredible variety of work out in the art world.  VCE Art gives you the chance to express something unique and individual about yourself, your experiences and issues that matter to you in a way that only you can display through the intricate and malleable language of art.  It is really important to make your work relevant to your personal beliefs and opinions, that way you can provide some insight into how you view the world, enlightening others and capturing the power of art to induce dialogue and make people reflect on our society. Above all, be constantly open to new ideas and opinions, work hard and consistently at your folio and enjoy the creative journey!